CCAT Test Report

Welcome to the CCAT test report page.

When you take the CCAT or any other Criteria Corp. test, your exam results and a full profile report are sent to your employer. Your exam performance is compared to the HireSelect database, as well as to the results of the other candidates for the position you are applying for, allowing the recruiter to decide which profile matches the best with the job they are proposing.

The test report contains two pages divided into different categories.

Have a look at a sample CCAT Test report.

Front page

A short description of the test.

A summary of your results containing your exam score and the percentile you are found within.

Here, the candidate got a gross score of 24 correct answers out of 50. Its result is more than 50% of the other candidates who took the test.

Details of your results in the different categories of the test.

The scores you receive in each of these sections are percentiles, that is, they indicate your score in comparison with the other candidates who conducted the same test. For example, if you receive a score of 70 in spatial reasoning, it means that you got a score higher than the 70% of the other candidates who performed this test in the spatial reasoning category.

A graph representing the range of scores for the job you are applying for and your position on these results.

Second page

Have a look at a sample CCAT Test report.

The score range for the specific position you are applying for.

Finally, you will find a list of all the posts with the corresponding score ranges and your position in relation to each one of them, according to the database suggested by HireSelect: